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What's new in fast-check 3.11.0?

· 2 min read
Nicolas Dubien
fast-check maintainer

This release comes with a new arbitrary called ulid. This arbitrary is responsible to generate ULID strings

Continue reading to explore the detailed updates it brings.


The arbitrary ulid has been introduced to ease the creation of ULID ids.

// Examples of generated values:
// • "15RQ23H1M8YB80EVPD2EG8W7K1"
// • …

Other changes

We have recently enhanced our README by adding additional badges that emphasize the overall security and quality of open-source projects:

OpenSSF Scorecard OpenSSF Best Practices

Following these changes, we did significant improvements and successfully reduced the number of red flags reported by them.

Changelog since 3.10.0

The version 3.11.0 is based on version 3.10.0.


  • (PR#4020) Implement arbitrary for ulid


  • (PR#3956) CI: Define code owners
  • (PR#3961) CI: Fix configuration of CodeQL
  • (PR#3973) CI: Make changelog workflow able to push
  • (PR#3975) CI: Add scorecard security workflow
  • (PR#3991) CI: Properly reference tags in GH Actions
  • (PR#3993) CI: Configure renovate for security bumps
  • (PR#3994) CI: Stop ignoring examples in renovate
  • (PR#3995) CI: Enable some more Scorecard's checks
  • (PR#4007) CI: Fix CI tests for types against next
  • (PR#4008) CI: Show vulnerabilities in renovate
  • (PR#3976) Doc: Add some OpenSSF badges
  • (PR#4034) Doc: Add new contributor vecerek
  • (PR#4010) Security: Move dockerfile content to devcontainer
  • (PR#4000) Security: Drop raw install of npm
  • (PR#3987) Security: Pin npm version for publish
  • (PR#3985) Security: Pin image in Dockerfile of devcontainer
  • (PR#3983) Security: Safer workflows' permissions
  • (PR#3957) Security: Lock GH-Actions dependencies